Webinar Focuses on Safe Scaling of Pressure Reactions

By Chemical Processing staff

May 28, 2013

Mettler Toledo will present a webinar that reviews critical pressure-reaction design parameters. The webinar, entitled “Characterize, Optimize and Scale-up Pressure Reactions – Challenges and Solutions,” also explores enabling technologies, such as Fourier Transform Infrared technology (FTIR) that help chemists gain better reaction control and more valuable reaction information for easier, safer and more cost-effective scale-up.

Although the objectives of chemical development have not changed in recent years, the market has. Chemists must bring new products to market faster, necessitating quick identification of workable opportunities and even quicker rejection of untenable ones. FTIR instruments (ReactIR) helps deliver a process that is safe, economically viable and robust by providing critical understanding at a small-scale where lab resources, including development time, can be limited. The data collected then allows these findings to be applied at larger scales.

Using a Mettler Toledo EasyMax synthesis workstation combined with Mettler Toledo ReactIR technology, two pressurized hydrogenation reactions are analyzed. In the first, a one-step hydrogenation of a substitute 2-cyclohexene-1-one, mix rates are shown to influence reaction times. In the second, a complex hydrogenation of substituted hydrobenzene, accumulation of unstable hydroxylamine intermediate is prevented. In each case, in situ FTIR data provides higher-value reaction chemistry information when compared with potentially time-consuming and error-prone offline sampling techniques.

For more information, visit www.mt.com/ac-pressure-webinar.