Web-Based Rotary Valve Selector Includes Performance Data and Specs

By Chemical Processing staff

Feb 15, 2013

ACS Valves has launched a web-based rotary valve selector tool designed for people involved in the evaluation, comparison, specification and purchase of rotary valves, rotary airlocks and rotary feeders. The tool enables users to navigate through more than 17 valve models and 82 configurations based on the user’s particular application requirements or the user’s specific model preferences.

The ACS Valves web-based selector tool also provides downloadable CAD files for the valves, as well as video tutorials on various topics, including the ACS RotorRail Quick-Clean valve design, standard ACS valve assembly and re-assembly tips and five other titles. Users of the ACS Valves rotary valves selector tool can also directly connect with ACS Valves applications and sales specialists for assistance with more in-depth matters relating to ACS rotary valves or even another valve brand. For users interested in securing detailed price quotes for ACS Valves units, an integrated “Request A Quote” function offers a Q&A sequence to specify ACS Valve units for pricing.

For more information, visit www.acsvalves.com.