Plastics Color Corp. Launches Mi Batch Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies

By Chemical Processing staff

Oct 16, 2013

Plastics Color Corporation (PCC) introduces the anti-counterfeiting line of Mi Batch particle taggants. The taggants in Mi Batch are compatible with a wide variety of resins to impart an extremely high level of security and verification to nearly any consumer product as well as items used in high-risk markets such as electronics, medical products, aviation and automotive.

PCC’s taggants were produced via a proprietary technology that allows for a more cost-effective product, according to the company. The taggant particles were developed with a chemical/spectral signature that becomes part of the plastic material or item – it can’t be removed. Cost-effective detection equipment (handheld or inline) was employed to “read” the embedded taggant signature and verify authenticity of the polymer, product or component.

While plastic taggants are commonly associated with brand-name protection of high-end retail products, they can play a critical safety role in functional items such as medical devices, computer parts and electric circuit breakers. At the manufacturing level, taggants can be added to plastic masterbatches to ensure supply chain integrity.

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