Eriez Downloadable Brochure Features New Xtreme Metal Detector

By Chemical Processing staff

Dec 11, 2013

The new Eriez Xtreme metal detector brochure is available for free download in PDF format. The eight-page brochure showcases the enhanced features of the unit, which offers improved sensitivity.

eriez1211The multi-frequency Xtreme was designed to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity to detect small ferrous and nonferrous metal contaminants in sanitary and non-sanitary environments.

Photos throughout the piece show the Xtreme metal detector in action inspecting products, with up-close views of the unit’s display, construction and features. Highlights include a stainless steel housing, information and alarm tower, 7-inch touchscreen interface and single-point electronics.

The unit has the ability to detect 0.2mm spheres. A full page of the brochure is devoted to reviewing factors that influence a metal detector’s sensitivity. The last page of the brochure spotlights the metal detector conveyor system, which offers shipment of stocked units in one to two weeks. These systems are available in three belt widths and various aperture heights.

To download the brocher, visit