BASF to Open Adsorbents R&D Center in Shanghai

By Chemical Processing staff

May 06, 2013

BASF will open its first regional adsorbents application development center in Shanghai, China, the company said May 6.

The laboratory will be located at the BASF Innovation Campus Asia Pacific, the company’s largest integrated research and development, sales and marketing site in the region. Here, BASF adsorbents experts will provide both technical service and advanced applications development for mercury removal from natural gas and related hydrocarbon purification activities, working closely with BASF’s global adsorbents research and development team to support customers throughout the Asia Pacific region.

“Industry and application development expertise must work together closely to develop the best product applications to reach the next level of productivity in advanced natural gas manufacturing, where we expect to see significant regional market growth going forward,” said Chris Wai, vice president, production and sales, Asia Pacific, process catalysts and technologies, BASF. “With our first adsorbents laboratory now established in Shanghai, we are investing to meet this need and to develop even closer collaboration between BASF and our customers in the Asia Pacific region.”

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