Asahi/America Begins Diaphragm Valves Production in the U.S.

By Chemical Processing staff

Dec 19, 2013

Asahi/America, Inc. has begun manufacturing its true union and flanged Type-14 diaphragm valves in the U.S.  Assembly, pressure testing and final packaging all take place in Asahi’s Malden, Mass., headquarters.

Asahi Type-14 diaphragm valves are available in half-inch through 2-inch sizes with one-piece molded bodies of PVC, CPVC, PP or PVDF. Available diaphragm materials include EPDM, FKM or three-layer EPDM/PVDF/PTFE.

ashai1219In addition to assembly, Asahi also machines two integral parts of their Type-14 diaphragm valves in-house: the valve stem and sleeve. Three different stems and two sleeves complete the half-inch through 2-inch range of valve assemblies.

Asahi's Type-14 diaphragm valve features visual position indication, weir design for excellent throttling capabilities and built-in travel stop to prevent over-tightening and eliminate compressive strain. For maximum corrosion resistance, the Type-14 diaphragm valve's rugged body and bonnet are manufactured of solid thermoplastic materials. Asahi Type-14 diaphragm valves can be electrically or pneumatically actuated.

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