Arkema Develops Foam Core Technology for Kynar PVDF

By Chemical Processing staff

Jan 28, 2013

Arkema Inc. has developed technology to manufacture Kynar PVDF foam core structures that encapsulates a highly foamed center layer with solid interior and exterior layers. The technology is based on the patent-pending foam concentrate technology, known as Kynar Flex 2620 FC masterbatch resin.

Kynar PVDF resin systems have been used in oil and gas, chemical processing, high-purity, flame and smoke, and weatherability applications. The new technical development creates additional opportunities in aerospace, aircraft, and automotive applications where weight reduction is paramount. 

The technology has the potential to reduce weight by 50 percent, according to Arkema. In addition, the reduction in weight correlates to cost savings, which enables Kynar PVDF pipe to compete against low-cost materials such as various grades of metal, fiberglass reinforced plastics and other types of thermoplastics.

Kynar foam products can now be manufactured in monolayer, multilayer, and foam core structures, allowing for a broad range of applications in pipe and sheet.  Each structure can be tailored to the desired reduction in density per application.

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