API Heat Transfer Restructures After Merger With ThermaSys

By Chemical Processing staff

Feb 28, 2013

API Heat Transfer Inc. said Feb. 28 it has restructured its business units after merging with ThermaSys Corp. In addition to the unified company name, API Heat Transfer also announced a new corporate structure, composed of six business units:

The six business units now include the aluminum vacuum and CAB-brazed heat exchangers division Airtech; Basco fabricated custom-engineered and standard shell and tube designs; Covrad GT engine cooling systems; Schmidt-Bretten plate heat exchangers and thermal process systems; Thermal Transfer Products air-cooled and shell and tube oil coolers;ThermaSys Tubing ARUP and ThermaSys brand seam-welded brass and aluminum tubing products.

For more information, visit www.apiheattransfer.com