3-D and 2-D Drawings for Regulators Offer Photorealistic Images

By Chemical Processing Staff

Dec 07, 2012

Emerson Process Management now offers 3-D CAD drawings and 2-D drawings with dimensions for its regulator products.

The interactive 3-D CAD drawings are photorealistic images that can be rotated and zoomed for a complete view of the product, allowing the viewer to truly see how the product can be integrated into the equipment being designed.
The 3-D representations save design time and reduce possible issues during fabrication, according to Emerson. Two and three-dimensional representations are available for Emerson’s line of natural gas, air, liquid, LP-gas, process gas, steam, tank blanketing and sanitary regulator products.

The drawings are compatible with all major CAD software, including Autodesk, PTC and Solidworks.

The new CAD drawings are available at cad.emersonregulators.com.