Water Heater Offers Instant Temperature Control

Oct. 8, 2012
Unit features spiral tubed helical heat exchanger for efficient heat transfer.

Spirax Sarco has launched the RediHeat Instantaneous Water Heater designed with a unique feed-forward temperature control system to instantly produce hot water within +/-4 of the set temperature under widely varying demands. This makes it suited for hot water applications where tight temperature control and instant response to changes in demand are required.

The Rediheat features a spiral tubed helical heat exchanger for efficient heat transfer in a compact space. The rugged casing and bourdon tube configuration allows the entire assembly to expand and contract without localized stressing for intermittent cycling common with domestic hot water applications.

The simple mechanical design allows the water temperature to be controlled by a mechanical blending valve that operates based on demand. A manual adjustment compensates for seasonal changes in cold water supply temperature. The unit requires no extraneous power sources, controls or temperature sensors making installation a snap.

The RediHeat has a blending valve fail-safe design, which protects consumers from being exposed to hot water at temperatures above set point. Also with the RediHeat’s feed forward design water is over-heated to 160 degrees to 200 degrees Fahrenheit in the heat exchanger before being blended with incoming cold water to the desired output temperatures.