Industrial Combustion Launches SBR-30 Low-NOx Burners

June 21, 2020
Burner series is capable of less than 30 ppm NOx emissions without FGR.

Industrial Combustion launches its SBR-30 series burners. Developed for use with a variety of boiler types, such as firetube and watertube boilers, the burner series is capable of less than 30 ppm NOx emissions without FGR. The burners are suited for applications where low emissions are required and high efficiency is desired.

The SBR-30 burner series offers a natural gas fuel option from 16.8 to 54.6 MMBTU/hr. It also is capable of firing #2 fuel oil as a backup. The unique firing head design of the burner achieves controlled combustion, resulting in low emissions with 3% O2 achievable over all firing rates. The SBR-30 series offers low-NOx, low-CO emissions and up to 10:1 turndown on natural gas.

SBR-30 burners are compatible with multiple control systems and feature options for O2 trim, variable-speed drive, parallel positioning and controlling lead/lag. The blowers on the units are engineered for efficiency and performance, and their energy-saving design is optimized for variable-speed operation.

The burners feature an easy-access air housing for internal components. Because no FGR or air filters are needed, the SBR-30 burner series helps reduce maintenance costs.