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Water Quality Matters

March 18, 2021
Safety and the bottom line can be compromised if water impurities aren’t addressed.
Special Report: Pay Close Attention To Water Quality

Download the special report now.

Industries with utility water applications require ultrapure water that is free of organic contaminants. Water quality must be verified at specific points to ensure standards are met.

A primary cause of water impurities is driven by one or many leaks in the system where contamination has crossed barriers, presenting a threat to downstream systems. These threats can reduce product quality and performance or lifespan of critical assets, both proving to have significant business impact.

Indeed, equipment failures and curtailed production due to water/steam issues can cost a site hundreds of thousands of dollars or more annually. Much worse, some failures can cause injury or death.

However, deviations in product quality often take time to identify. The longer it takes to identify an off-spec product, the more costly the problem will be in time, raw materials, quality giveaway, waste and energy.

To help you ensure water quality and keep your equipment and production lines running efficiently, Chemical Processing and Suez -- Water Technologies & Solutions have partnered to put together a special report. You can download it here.

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