Separations Technology

A chemical process often must include specific steps to transform the raw product into one that has the exact purity and properties desired. The material may contain coproducts and impurities that must be removed fully or partially. In addition, the need for particular physical or other properties may require the material to go through certain operations.


John Zich, University of Chicago
University of Chicago Electrochemical Intercalation Research

Advancing Separations Technology Through Collaborative Innovation

University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory discuss the role of partnerships in advancing new separations technologies.
Preparing to use Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology to capture lithium from brine that is being drawn for evaporation to produce industrial minerals.

Barry On Batteries: Lithium Brine Extraction Requires Flexible Technology

Naturally occurring brines have a wide range of solids concentrations, particle sizes, shapes and characteristics
Figure 1. The LOFTREX Nylon filter cartridge product range includes a variety of lengths and pore sizes. In its production processes, Levaco uses filter cartridges with a retention rating of 100 µm.

Filtration Solution Outperforms Standard

Eaton's filtration engineers chose Loftrex Nylon filter cartridges with a retention rating of 100 µm to provide the ideal homogenization of the amine condensate.