PureTech Systems Introduces VisionView 180 Camera for Outdoor Perimeter Security

July 11, 2019
The VisionView 180 Camera includes six imagers centrally housed for day/night 180-degree surveillance.

PureTech Systems introduces its first entry into the security imager market, the VisionView 180 camera. The next-generation outdoor security camera combines three EO CCTV imagers and three thermal imagers into a single ruggedized housing, providing 180-degree coverage for both day and night operation, according to the company.

Key features of the VisionView 180 camera include:

• Multiple thermal sensors deliver wide-area monitoring in unfavorable lighting or weather conditions and at night.

• High-definition optical cameras offer 1080p resolution to realize accurate visual identification of intruders.

• Horizon alignment adjusts side cameras to ensure a continuous horizon when installed at various heights.

• Single ruggedized housing is IP67, temperature rated housing for harsh environment installation.

• Power over Ethernet connections ease installation.