Membrane Elements Allow Reverse Osmosis

April 21, 2012
Elements are suited for applications related to desalination of brackish water.
Lanxess is now offering Lewabrane membrane separation elements for reverse osmosis (RO) to complement its Lewatit ion exchange resins. The new elements are suited for applications related to the desalination of brackish water needed in many industrial applications, including the production of boiler feed water required in power stations. 
Also used for ion exchange water treatment processes, the membrane elements facilitate the high treated water quality that helps prolong the service life of turbines and steam generators via protection against fouling, scale formation and corrosion. In addition, they can be used in the preparation of feedwater that customers can use for electrodeionization (EDI) applications by providing a reduced load on downstream process. 
Lewabrane elements are a designed with a standard length of 40 inches (1,016 mm) and a diameter of 8 inches. The B400 HR has an active membrane surface area of 400 square feet (37.2 m²), with  99.7% salt rejection for a daily permeate flow rate of 37.9 m³. The B090 HF 4040 has the same length but a diameter of 4 inches and an active membrane surface area of 90 square feet (8.7 m²). It features a greater active surface area of the membrane inside the element, which results in an average permeate flow rate of 2,500 gallons per day (9.4 m³ per day) under standard conditions at a rejection level of 99.5%.