Clariant, Linde Develop Novel Catalysts For Ethylene

Oct. 8, 2021
Clariant unveils catalysts developed jointly with Linde Engineering for novel ethylene production technology.

Clariant and Linde team up on new catalysts for ODH-E.

Clariant Catalyts has teamed up with Linde Engineering to develop new catalysts for the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane (ODH-E), a low-emissions catalytic technology for the production of ethylene, according to the company. The novel catalyst is reportedly a step change in selectivity and productivity, making ethylene production via ODH-E commercially feasible.

Clariant’s ODH catalysts are available exclusively for Linde Engineering’s Edhox catalytic on-purpose ethylene technology. In contrast to conventional steam cracking, which operates at process temperatures up to 900°C, Edhox operates at moderate temperatures—below 400°C, reportedly enabling comparatively low CO₂ emissions. Also inherent to Linde Engineering’s process are the sequestration of CO₂ and the potential for electrification. Together, these differences lead to a reduction of CO₂ emissions by up to 100% compared with conventional steam cracking, according to Clariant.

Clariant says the new catalysts are the first to offer high selectivity to ethylene and acetic acid (up to 93%) for the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane, while also demonstrating productivity at such conditions, minimizing the formation of by-products. The development of the new catalysts and their impact on CO₂ emissions support Clariant’s objectives to drive low-carbon oferings through sustainable innovation and to generate value with safe chemistry and the responsible use of resources, according to the company.

Reinhart Vogel, vice president petrochemical plants at Linde Engineering, says, “By working with Clariant Catalysts, a more sustainable, alternative path to ethylene is not only a vision, but also becoming a reality. Edhox technology has now been successfully validated in a full-scale demonstration plant for commercial use.”

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