ChemSW releases in-depth white paper on chemical inventory systems

Aug. 1, 2005

ChemSW, Inc. has announced the release of the industry's first in-depth white paper that details how Chemical Inventory Systems (CIS) deliver real-time, accurate information about inventory status to ensure greater cost control while supporting validation requirements.

Chemical Inventory Systems can deliver a high-performance, relational database system for tracking chemicals and other laboratory supplies. Accurate, real-time inventory information enables all types of pilot plants - from API and hydrogenation pilot plants to biopharmaceutical and dosage form pilot plants - to operate more effectively, regardless of whether the facilities are regulated or non-regulated or whether Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are utilized. Pharmaceutical Pilot Plants in particular can benefit from being able to access an accurate listing of all the approved material in their facility. A Chemical Inventory System that works with other Information Technology (IT) solutions can enable Pharmaceutical and Drug Discovery Research departments to keep track of where chemicals are and how much are available, as well as generate reports listing chemicals by location, vendor, name, CAS number, formula, etc., and quickly access hazard information during an emergency.

Entitled "Chemical Inventory Systems Enable Pharmaceutical Pilot Plants to Accurately Manage Chemical Inventory Information in a Regulated Environment," the white paper discusses the components of a Chemical Inventory System, how such a solution integrates into an existing IT infrastructure, how pilot plants can leverage these systems to maximize their processes, and the importance of ensuring that such a solution has the attributes for accurate validation as well as compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 electronic records and signatures.

Each organization faces a different set of challenges on the route to deployment and implementation of a CIS. Thoughtful analysis of the different commercial solutions available will enable the organization to select the best fit for their processes and workflows. This white paper details chemical inventory challenges; risks inherent to poor inventory management systems; components of an effective CIS; pilot plant inventory system needs; and, successful implementations. Numerous illustrations supplement the text, as well as a self-diagnostic test that helps to determine whether a CIS is necessary.

The white paper was written by ChemSW's Vice President Software Research and Development, David Hessler. Hessler has 20 years of professional programming experience specifically related to laboratory statistics, automation and data handling. He is intimately involved in application conception and design, interface design, database design, and documentation design. He has designed and developed numerous commercial products, including ChemSW's CISPRO Chemical Inventory Systems for desktop, Oracle, MSSQL, Web Server, and 21 CFR Part11 compliance.

The white paper is free and available for download by clicking here: Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant White Paper (PDF format)

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