Regional hardware inventories facilitate column repairs and turnarounds

April 10, 2007
When it comes to providing hardware and equipment for routine column repairs and maintenance, or major turnarounds, few companies are as capable as Sulzer Chemtech USA.

The company has more than 40 years of experience in providing outstanding mass transfer technology, process engineering and equipment, and has the regional facilities to ensure that customers will be serviced, day or night, in almost every country of the world.

Patricia Bareis, Sulzer Chemtech national sales manager of Turnaround Services, says, “Sulzer is one of only a few companies that are able to provide local hardware inventories to customers. Our warehouses in Baton Rouge, La., Benicia, Calif., West Berlin, N.J., Tulsa, Okla., and Houston make it possible for customers to get the hardware and equipment they need for planned or emergency turnarounds much faster. Plus, our Turnaround Services Team works closely with the Sulzer Tower Field Service division, which can’t be beat when it comes to providing installation expertise and around-the-clock support. One phone call to Sulzer Chemtech does it all.”

Sulzer Chemtech offers a complete line of replacement hardware regardless of the original manufacturer. Several metallurgies are stocked in these satellite warehouse: carbon steel, 410, 304L, 316L stainless steel and Monel. Other materials and custom sizes are available upon request. Sulzer can manufacture any tray hardware or tray parts with a sketch or actual sample if drawings are not available.  The satellite warehouses make it possible for “TAS” sales people to service customers anytime day or night, regardless of their location.

By enrolling in Sulzer Chemtech’s free hardware replacement program — SHARP — customers can receive replacement hardware and equipment (random or structured packing, trays and internals) with an emergency delivery response time. SHARP reports provide customers with all of the hardware and equipment in a plant, (regardless of manufacturer) listed by unit and tower. The report also includes material type, current pricing and recommended quantities to inventory during turnarounds. In addition to offering a single source solution, other benefits of the SHaRP program include improved budgetary control and reduced labor costs.

Sulzer also makes tower hardware available on consignment. The hardware is custom packaged and delivered to the job site in trailers and lockers for the duration of a turnaround. These trailers and lockers will be stocked with each specific tower’s hardware and located on site for quick and easy access. Since most of the hardware is provided on consignment, customers only purchase the hardware that is needed.

Rodney Alario, Sulzer Chemtech’s director of Sales and Service said, “Sulzer is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. Originally, Sulzer only provided mass transfer equipment. Now, we offer process design packages, fabrication and installation, and offer 24/seven emergency replacement service should ours, or anyone else’s equipment be damaged. Whenever and wherever our customers need replacement hardware or equipment, we’ll be there for them.”

As one of the world’s leading mass transfer experts, Sulzer Chemtech can address the unexpected problems encountered in every shutdown — problems that can cause the loss of thousands of dollars a day due to lost production. Their regional “TAS” sales representatives and the hardware warehouse inventories are just one more example of that ability.

For more information, please contact Rodney Alario at 281-604-4100 or visit

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