Four Tips To Ensure Well-Designed Bulk Materials Storage And Handling

Dec. 16, 2013
This design is key to preventing raw material breakdown, spoilage, exposure to moisture or contamination or pest infestation.

Any process that manufactures a biotherapeutic, biodiagnostic, or other bio-based solution requires a well-designed bulk material storage and handling environment. Without such technology, the manufacturing process can be sidelined by raw material breakdown, spoilage, exposure to moisture or contamination or pest infestation. Assuring the reliability of a storage and conveyance environment is based on four key concepts:

1) A well-designed storage container system
2) Effective climate control
3) Smooth conveyance of the material in and out of the container
4) Cleanability for quality assurance and operational efficiency

A well-designed bulk material storage and handling environment must balance cost with the size needed for the raw material. Containers must be large enough to achieve economies of scale, and to allow easy emptying and refilling, and its surfaces must be compatible with the characteristics of the raw material. Striking this balance requires an integrated assessment of the plant, its site and the material to be contained.

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