Research Report Points to Bulk Solids Challenges

Oct. 17, 2017
Survey results provide compelling insight in terms of how executives and engineers grapple with identifying new bulk-solids-handling equipment.

Chemical Processing recently conducted a survey in partnership with Hapman to understand the pain points that key decision makers have in regard to evaluating and purchasing equipment in the chemical industry – specifically bulk-solids-handling equipment.

Maintenance, Product Choice Prove Challenging

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The overarching theme of the research report notes that maintenance and reliability are always main concerns. Undeniably, downtime can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in waste and lost production. Factor in uncertainty in choosing the proper equipment for the job at hand and you’ve got a perfect storm brewing.

One of the key findings points out that the decision-making process doesn’t match the level of understanding when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Indeed, 49.6% of plants make equipment choices internally but 61.5% say they only have a general understanding of equipment needs and options.

To better understand what your facility faces, read the full research report to learn about the biggest challenges and top determining factors when it comes to buying bulk-solids-handling equipment.

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