Sustainable Chemical Engineering Professor Awarded IChemE Davis Medal

Sept. 20, 2023
The Institution for Chemical Engineers awards Adisa Azapagic, professor of sustainable chemical engineering, with the prestigious Davis Medal.

Adisa Azapagic, a professor of sustainable chemical engineering at the University of Manchester, U.K., has been presented with the Institution for Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Davis Medal.

The IChemE Davis Medal honors George E. Davis, the founding father of chemical engineering, and is awarded to an individual who has rendered exceptional service to the field. It is not given more frequently than every three years; the previous medal was awarded in 2016.

IChemE Past President David Bogle, presented the award. “I am proud to present Adisa with the Davis Medal on behalf of IChemE in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the profession and the enormously positive impact of her achievements. Sustainability and systems thinking are central to the modern discipline of chemical engineering, and her work exemplifies this instrumental approach.”

Known as the world’s first appointed professor of sustainable chemical engineering, Azapagic is pre-eminent for her work on sustainable production and consumption and is particularly known for her leadership in, and contributions to, carbon footprinting, life cycle assessment and sustainability, for which she was awarded a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in 2019.

In her many public and media engagements, she has acted as a role model, helping to inform consumers about what they can do for sustainability, as well as demonstrating how chemical engineers contribute to sustainable development in practice, building a positive public perception of the discipline.

“I am delighted that my work on sustainable chemical engineering has been recognized by this high accolade named after the founder of our discipline, George E. Davis. This award is particularly dear to me as Davis held his first lectures in chemical engineering at Manchester. I am also thankful to my group Sustainable Industrial Systems at the University of Manchester and many academic and industrial collaborators who contributed to and supported my work over the years,” said Azapagic when accepting her award. 

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