Dow Awards Funding For Nine Global Sustainability Projects

Dec. 14, 2022
Selected projects are part of the company’s Business Impact Fund program.

Dow announces its 2022 Business Impact Fund selections: nine projects that reportedly help solve social challenges and advance sustainable solutions through multi-stakeholder collaboration. Founded in 2016, the Business Impact Fund brings together nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs and Dow customers, partners and employees to tackle many of society’s biggest challenges, according to the company.

“Since its inception, Dow has awarded nearly $10 million through the Business Impact Fund to both solve world challenges while unlocking new business opportunities for the company,” says Bob Plishka, global director of strategic corporate partnerships and Dow Company Foundation president in a press release. “This year, our selected projects address circularity and waste transformation initiatives, as well as climate protection, water conservation and biodiversity – all of which demonstrate Dow’s commitment to accelerating efforts to create a more sustainable and equitable future.”

Projects selected to receive Business Impact Fund support include:

Brazil: Circular Territory 100% TC 100 – This project invests in closing the loop for challenging flexible plastic waste and aims to establish a robust industrial ecosystem with the local municipality, waste collector cooperatives, population, public sector and vital private stakeholders looking to close the loop for multi-material packaging towards a goal of zero packaging to landfills.

Colombia: Project Viotá – Project Viotá will establish a coffee-based economy, helping improve the lives of 13,000 people in the community of Viotá, Colombia and provide reconciliation and safety to its 25 peace-agreement participants. By collaborating with Corteva, a key customer, and a local nonprofit organization, the project will apply crop solutions technology to improve, protect and restore 50 hectares of land for proper coffee farming — creating sustainable jobs and income for the community through training in best practices and installing the infrastructure required for long-term productivity.

India: Farm to Fork – Partnering with Satol Chemicals, a key customer for Dow in the cleaning segment, the company will help implement cleaning and hygiene standards from farm to fork to avoid food waste and help provide safe food every school day for 250,000 children.

Mexico: Give your School a Hand – Through a partnership with Berel and United Way, Dow's differentiated coatings products will be used to renew 10 Multiple Care Centers – public schools that provide comprehensive care to students with multiple disabilities or serious developmental

disorders. This project will enable technology adoption, growth and acceptance by both customers and the market while delivering a positive impact to customers, government, NGOs and society.

Since its launch in 2016, the Fund has supported 51 projects in 21 countries totaling nearly $10 million in investments, according to Dow.

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