Sabic Partners to Convert Plastics Waste Into High-Value Chemicals

Dec. 6, 2022
Production is expected to begin in the 2027-2028 timeframe with a site to be determined.

Sabic Global Technologies, a subsidiary of Saudi chemical firm Sabic, has entered into a joint agreement with plastics recycling company Synova and French engineering firm Technip Energies to build a commercial-scale plant that will produce olefins and aromatics from plastics waste.

The partners plan to select a site during the initial phase of commercialization, with production expected to begin in the 2027-2028 timeframe, according to a Synova media representative.

The agreement, signed on Nov. 23, includes plans to combine Synova’s gasification technologies with Technip’s gas-treatment solution to remove contaminants for processing in one of Sabic’s steam crackers.

“The combined technology efficiently converts plastic waste into high value chemicals, enabling an efficient plastic circularity route and significant reduction of greenhouse gas emission,” according to a Nov. 30 news release.

In support of Synova and the partnership, Sabic’s affiliate Sabic Ventures US Holdings LLC has become an investor in Synova.