How Accurate Is Hollywood When It Comes To Chemistry?

April 5, 2022
Kate Biberdorf (“Kate the Chemist”) breaks down 22 chemistry scenes from the movies and television.

Is the formula for Spiderman’s custom webbing accurate? Can you really dissolve a body “Breaking Bad”-style? How likely is an explosion when cigar meets sewer gas, a la “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”? Scientist and author Kate Biberdorf, also known as “Kate the Chemist,” breaks down the accuracy of 22 chemistry scenes (from the mundane to the gruesome) from movies and television in this video from Yahoo! Finance.

Biberdorf tackles the truthfulness of Tinseltown on the small screen, examining scenes from popular TV shows including “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Breaking Bad” and “The Big Bang Theory.” Chemistry plays a big role in many major Hollywood feature films and Biberdorf also separates fact from fiction for blockbusters such as “Black Panther,” “Zoolander,” “Con Air,” “Chernobyl” and “Fight Club.”

See the entire video here.

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