Aterian Forms “World’s Largest" Zinc Specialty Chemical Company

June 8, 2022
Aterian Investment Partners combines U.S. Zinc with EverZinc.

Aterian Investment Partners (Aterian) says it has combined U.S. Zinc and EverZinc, two of the largest global producers of zinc chemical products, to form the “pre-eminent” global zinc chemistry business. The combined company will operate under the EverZinc name and will be headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company reportedly will support markets such as personal care, alkaline, storage and rechargeable batteries, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, agriculture, feed, paints and coatings and rubber and serve its customers from 14 facilities located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

U.S. Zinc is a U.S. provider of zinc oxide, fine zinc powder and zinc metal. U.S. Zinc services the domestic market with an expansive capacity and manufacturing footprint throughout its four facilities in Texas and Tennessee. EverZinc is a global zinc technology company in specialty zinc materials, including fine zinc powders, zinc oxides, battery zinc powders and Zano, an ultra-fine zinc oxide. EverZinc services its customers through 10 production sites located in Belgium, Canada, China, the Netherlands, Norway and Malaysia. Aterian acquired U.S. Zinc in 2018.

"We built a long-term thesis around zinc chemistry, starting with our platform investment in U.S. Zinc," says Christopher H. Thomas, co-founder and partner at Aterian, in a press release from the company. "As one of the most widely available and sustainable metals in the world, zinc is uniquely recyclable and has applications critical to our future. This investment further expands on our vision as the organization will continue to partner and innovate with its customers to lead the industry through technological and sustainable alternatives and solutions."

Zinc is the fourth most common metal in use in the world and has made considerable inroads as a potential material of choice in nascent markets, according to Aterian. The new company reportedly intends to source a majority of its critical raw materials from third party by-product streams, by converting used zinc material already available in the marketplace, thus encouraging greater industry-wide sustainability. Zinc can be recovered without a significant loss in quality, resulting in less need for virgin zinc and the air and water emissions, deforestation, energy consumption and waste that often results from mining and processing virgin zinc, according to the company.

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