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U.S. Team Readies For 54th International Chemistry Olympiad

July 6, 2022
The American Chemical Society announces the team that will represent the U.S. at the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad, July 8 to 18.

L to R: Yufei Chen, Gideon Tzafriri, Nathan Yihe Ouyang, Phoenix Wu, Jack Liu, Mingwen Duan

The American Chemical Society (ACS) announces the team that will represent the U.S. at the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad, July 8 to 18. Originally scheduled to take place in Tianjin, China, the 2022 Olympiad is being held online due to continuing concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

The members of 2022 Team are:

  • Jack Liu, Carmel High School, Indiana
  • Nathan Yihe Ouyang, University High School, Irvine, California
  • Gideon Tzafriri, Lexington High School, Massachusetts 
  • Phoenix Wu, Seven Lakes High School, Katy, Texas

Alternates are:

  • 1st - Yufei Chen, University High School, Irvine, California
  • 2nd -  Mingwen Duan, East Lyme High School, Connecticut

The team is supported by these mentors:

  • Head mentor: Joseph Houck, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
  • High school mentor: Esther Hines, Billerica Memorial High School, Massachusetts
  • College mentor: Laura Serbulea, Ph.D., University of Virginia

After outscoring hundreds of other students on a national exam, the top 20 were invited to an intensive study camp. There, they received college-level chemistry training with an emphasis on organic chemistry via a series of lectures, problem-solving exercises, lab experiments and tests. The four highest-scoring students during the study camp make up Team USA.

ACS has sponsored the American team annually since the U.S. joined the Olympiad in 1984. Principal funding is through the ACS Donald F. and Mildred Topp Othmer Chemistry Olympiad Endowment. The International Chemistry Olympiad originated with Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary in 1968. Soon, other Eastern European countries joined the event; Western Europe began participating in 1974. The first U.S. team competed in 1984, winning one silver and two bronze medals.

For more information, visit: www.acs.org

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