Pharma Quality Professionals Shift Focus from Compliance to Performance

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jan 30, 2019

While compliance remains the top quality goal for pharmaceutical industry quality teams in 2019, economic performance could soon take the top spot. This is according to the 2019 Pharma Quality Outlook Report, a survey sponsored by Sparta Systems and conducted by Pharmaceutical Technology.

This latest research indicates that quality professionals are shifting their focus from compliance to performance.  According to the report, 66% of industry executives named compliance as a top goal, down ten% from last year. Meanwhile, over a third (39%) say that economic performance is now their top objective, a 4% increase.

In order to meet their increasingly important performance goals, quality teams plan to use data and analytics. A majority (63%) anticipate using data to improve quality department performance.  Meanwhile 58% expect to leverage data to improve cross-functional performance.

However, survey respondents don't believe that their existing quality systems provide the data and integration capabilities needed to achieve their goals. While there is a consensus that data will be impactful, many respondents appear to be wary of potential roadblocks. Nearly a third (31%) believe that lack of data analysis and reporting capabilities will be an obstacle.  Similarly, 30% anticipate that attaining access to complete and accurate quality data would be a challenge. Additionally, 46% said that accessing and analyzing data was the biggest challenge with their existing system.

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