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Digitalization Promises To Bolster Catalyst Research

By Chemical Processing Staff

Mar 15, 2019

The German Catalysis Society, Frankfurt, has published a white paper “The Digitalization of Catalysis-Related Sciences” that explores how digital technology can speed research and provide insights. The paper also discusses some current issues that require addressing to enable effectively taking advantage of digitalization.

Digital technology can provide an important tool to bridge the gap between theory and experiment and to effectively share research results, notes the white paper. However, effective use of digitalization will require uniform data formats; these could allow using artificial intelligence for data analysis, it states. In addition, development of data architectures that facilitate storage and exchange of data is necessary, says the paper.

Cultural change — in the attitude to data sharing — also is needed, according to the paper. It suggests development of a central national database with wide access.

The white paper spells out development needs and paths as well as necessary research funding measures.

More information can be found here.