BCCK Appoints Tyler To Director Of Engineering

By Chemical Processing Staff

Apr 26, 2019

BCCK Holding Company (BCCK), a provider of engineering, procurement, fabrication and field construction services, appoints Don Tyler as director of engineering.

Tyler has more than 40 years of combined engineering, design, project and discipline management experience in the natural gas processing, industrial wastewater treatment, power, paper and chemical processing industries, according to the company. He has been involved in more than 40 domestic and international natural gas liquids (NGL) and liquid petroleum gas (LPG) recovery and liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects with a range of engineering firms. Among his reported accomplishments are five NGL recovery patents that he co-invented, as well as inventing the geothermal energy patent, “Subsurface Well Completion System Having a Heat Exchanger” (U.S. Patent 8,672,024 B2), according to BCCK.

For more information, visit: www.bcckholding.com