Ametek Mocon Introduces Service Program For Permeation Analyzers

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jul 09, 2019

Ametek Mocon launches a new service program – AMECare Performance Services — for all U.S. customers who own Mocon permeation instruments. The AMECare Performance Services Program was created to provide a holistic suite of services that keep Mocon permeation analyzers calibrated, certified and operating with high uptime. The AMECare Program offers a variety of service plans, from field to factory, that cover technical support, repair services, preventative maintenance, training, consulting and analytical testing services. Plans are available at a variety of levels and coverage options to accommodate both big and small laboratories.

“In the past, permeation analyzers were repaired reactively when they broke down, resulting in unplanned downtime and unbudgeted expenses,” says Jeff Jackson, product manager, Ametek Mocon. “Under the new AMECare Program, we now offer a predictive preventative maintenance (PM) plan that replaces similar wear parts in advance of failure, minimizing on instrument downtime and ensuring your Mocon permeation analyzer is ready to test.”

Jackson continues, “Taking advantage of the meantime between failure statistics from our expansive installed base of thousands of analyzers, we are uniquely positioned to predict part failures and change them before a breakdown, ensuring you more uptime. Furthermore, this new predictive PM extends the life of your Mocon permeation analyzer and we now provide four-year warranties that stand behind this longer life.”

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