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Special Report Dampens Water Worries

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 30, 2018

Chemical Processing and Hach have released a special report aimed at helping facilities meet water challenges in three key areas: cooling towers, steam generation and feed water for processes and energy efficiency.

The special report -- “Dampen Water Worries” – addresses the common issues via articles from experts Brad Buecker, Kiewit Engineering Group, Inc.; Raymond M. Post, ChemTreat; and Ven V. Venkatesan, Chemical Processing’s former Energy Columnist.

Indeed, according to an article from Buecker and Post, cooling system fouling, scaling and corrosion can incur enormous costs related to materials replacement and from efficiency degradation and perhaps even lost production. Their article offers steps to effectively combat these issues.

Another article examines several of the most important issues related to proper water treatment and chemistry control in steam generators. A case history on the impact of impurities illustrates ways to prevent problems.

The final article notes that many processing plants need good quality water to feed the steam boilers and heat recovery coils of process heaters. However, fresh water from natural resources usually contains dissolved minerals that can foul the tubes. This fouling not only reduces heat transfer efficiency but also can lead to overheating and tube leaks, forcing unplanned boiler shutdowns. This article will discuss removal options essential for efficient boiler and
heater operation.

Read the special report.