Revised E-Books Advise On Powder Tester Selection

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 30, 2018

Recent revisions of two popular e-books from Freeman Technology offer clear, expert advice for those looking to invest in powder testing technology. “Choosing a Powder Tester” reviews the available technology and is updated to include recent innovations such as uniaxial powder testing. “The Value of Powder Testing” considers how test data delivers an economic return and now extends to assessment of the benefits of real-time measurement. Both e-books are complemented by “An Introduction to Powders,” a primer on powder behavior. 

Powder testing techniques range from the simple to the sophisticated with the cost of a tester running up to tens of thousands of pounds. Understanding the strengths and limitations of different techniques and testers is therefore essential when it comes to choosing one that meets requirements cost-effectively. Powder testers vary significantly in terms of their ability to deliver data that is relevant and sufficiently sensitive to solve the problems regularly encountered when dealing with powders, whether in R&D or manufacturing.

“Choosing a Powder Tester” covers the majority of testing techniques in routine use including all USP methods. The latest edition includes avalanche methods and uniaxial testing, a technique advanced by Freeman Technology that ranks powder flowability in an analogous way to shear cell testing but using a simpler more direct method. The e-book includes a brief description of the principles underpinning each technique along with a discussion of strengths and limitations.

The results of powder testing can include faster progress in R&D, secure identification of a cheaper raw material, effective troubleshooting of a process problem and/or higher product quality. All such gains are associated with tangible economic benefits. “The Value of Powder Testing” explains how to estimate the payback on testing, with the latest edition including an example study based on the utilization of in-line powder flow monitoring, as exemplified by the Lenterra Flow Sensor System, for which Freeman Technology is the exclusive worldwide distributor.

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