New ASTM International Group Supports Additive Manufacturing

By Chemical Processing Staff

Dec 21, 2018

ASTM International’s committee on additive manufacturing technologies (F42) launches a new subcommittee focused on creating standards that support the technology’s growing applications across various industry sectors. The new subcommittee intends to launch efforts in aviation, construction, consumer, electronics, maritime, medical and biological, oil and gas, spaceflight and transportation and heavy machinery.

“The evolution of additive manufacturing technologies combined with sector-specific requirements demand us to create a broader portfolio of more detailed and stringent standards that support qualification of high value-added parts and components,” says Mohsen Seifi, Ph.D., director of global additive manufacturing programs, ASTM. “The new subcommittee will help broaden F42’s scope, helping meet these industries’ specific emerging needs and fill their technical gaps.” 

ASTM International member Shane Collins will chair the new applications subcommittee (F42.07). Collins says, “The point of the new subcommittee is to support specific industries where we need more and robust test methods, materials, processes, environment, health and safety standards to address the many directions in which additive manufacturing is being used today.”

According to Collins, “We are reaching the tipping point in many industries. More and more parts are manufactured efficiently using additive manufacturing instead of traditional manufacturing. By creating industry-specific standards, we can continue to support that innovation.”

The new subcommittee launches in the same year as ASTM International’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence, a global partnership aimed at supporting research and development activities that support standardization and related areas. Additive manufacturing experts and leaders are encouraged to join the committee’s activities. The next meeting is March 26-28, 2019, in Auburn, Alabama.

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