From Lab To Lecture Hall, Harassment Pervades Science

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jul 09, 2018

A sweeping new study from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine finds that half of women in science experience harassment. Furthermore, the report indicates that the harassment takes an economic and emotional toll on female researchers and hampers scientific contributions, according to an article from The Washington Post.

The conclusions are reportedly based on decades of research and dozens of interviews with women who were targets of harassment. According to the article, the findings help explain how women get pushed out of the field and how their work can suffer in a hostile environment. The National Academies’ has developed 14 major recommendations for combating harassment at academic institutions, scientific societies and federal agencies, which the article describes as a "more and less" approach, including, “more inclusive and diverse environments, more support for victims of harassment and more meaningful enforcement of Title VII prohibitions on discrimination, but less institutional opacity and less adherence to minimal legal compliance.”

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