Chemical Heritage Foundation Becomes Science History Institute

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jan 02, 2018

The new year starts with a new name and focus for the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF).  On February 1, CHF will become the Science History Institute.

At the end of 2015, the boards of CHF and the San Francisco–based Life Sciences Foundation (LSF) approved a merger of the two organizations, according to CHF. Meetings between CHF and LSF reportedly revealed plans and ambitions that were remarkably similar. Rather than continue on parallel paths, leadership on both sides decided to bring the two organizations together.

The marriage of the two organizations means that the name Chemical Heritage Foundation no longer fits the new focus, which now includes the study the history of chemistry, chemical engineering and the life sciences. The new name, Science History Institute, describes what the organization does today (study the history of the chemical and molecular sciences and accompanying engineering fields) and leaves room to explore emerging fields as they develop, according to CHF.

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