Chemical Engineering Students Design App For Small Craft Breweries

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jan 08, 2018

Chemical engineering students from the University of British Columbia are seemingly spending more time studying beer than consuming it.  According to an article from The Globe and Mail, 11 UBC students are working on developing a low-cost, smartphone app that would allow people to remotely monitor and control the brewing process. The app is reportedly aimed at giving home brewers and small craft breweries technology that can rival what the large beer-making operations have access to, without the hefty price tag.

The project also gives the students an opportunity to put into practice the theories they’ve learned in the classroom regarding chemical processes (for the brewing) and physics and tech (for development of the app), according to the article. The students travelled to a meeting of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers in Minneapolis, Minn., last month to discuss their research. In addition to chemical engineering students, the UBC project team consists of students studying physics, material handling and mechanical engineering.

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