Amyris Attains Industrial Scale Production Of Natural Sweetener

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 23, 2018

Amyris, Inc. announces that industrial scale production of its low cost, zero calorie natural sweetener has started and is operating successfully. The new sweetener, derived from sugarcane, is being met with a positive response by market leaders in the sweetener space, according to the company. Amyris recently signed its first major supply and distribution agreement for its sweetener with ASR Group, a large cane sugar refiner, and reportedly expects other agreements to follow. The company says it is on track to meet all customer shipments for the product this year and expects to make and ship significant commercial tonnage this year.

“Our team has done an incredible job successfully scaling our technology to produce what we believe to be the world’s leading natural sweetener,” says Amyris President & CEO John Melo. “The industrialization of this technology has included building a full scale downstream process facility, developing a strain that makes natural sweetener from sugar cane syrup and adapting our industrial fermentation to produce the lowest cost natural sweetener available.”

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