Altair Advances Design Technology With Simsolid Acquisition

By Chemical Processing Staff

Oct 22, 2018

Altair acquires Simsolid, a company reportedly founded by asking the question: “Why does the geometry used in the design and structural simulation worlds have to be so different?” Simsolid works on full-fidelity CAD assemblies to provide fast and accurate structural simulation without requiring geometry simplification, cleanup or meshing, according to Altair.  Its underlying technology is based largely on the work of Dr. Victor Apanovitch, a former professor at Belarus Polytechnic University and the cofounder of Simsolid Corporation.

The Simsolid computational engine is a commercial implementation of novel and unpublished mathematics based on extensions to the theory of external approximations, according to Altair. Simsolid controls solution accuracy using multi-pass adaptive analysis, reportedly making it extremely fast and memory efficient. Large and complex assemblies can be solved rapidly even on laptop computers.

Dr. Uwe Schramm, Altair’s chief technical officer, says, “We are very serious about solution accuracy. Others have tried to accelerate the interface between CAD and simulation by degrading the mathematical robustness. It is our feeling that by rapidly moving forward with the methods in Simsolid and expanding them across applications we can have a real effect on how design gets done while maintaining our high standards for computational excellence.”

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