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Yokogawa Collaboration Produces IIoT Architecture

By Chemical Processing Staff

Feb 03, 2017

Yokogawa Electric Corporation will work with Microsoft Corporation, FogHorn Systems, Inc., Bayshore Networks, Inc. and Telit IoT Platforms, LLC to integrate their technology into an industrial IoT (IIoT) architecture for the delivery of new services. Through the architecture, business process applications can be configured that will enable plug-and-play sensors, sensing clouds with automatic provisioning, database clouds, historian (data storage) clouds and application development environments to work together.

Yokogawa’s Architecture Development Division California, which was set up in November 2016, will lead the undertaking. Yokogawa’s IIoT architecture will integrate the cloud-based Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, FogHorn’s fog computing software, Bayshore’s security technology for layer 7 of the OSI reference model and Telit’s communication modules, sensor onboarding and device management.

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