Surge In Chemicals Mega Deals Is Approaching

By Chemical Processing Staff

Mar 24, 2017

A surge in chemicals mega deals is approaching—with more than $300 billion worth of mergers and acquisitions poised to reshape the industry, according to a new report from A.T. Kearney. The Chemicals Executive M&A Report looks back on a year with robust yet modest activity in 2016 but with a number of huge deals in the 2017 pipleline.

The value of completed deals in 2016 declined slightly compared with 2015, according to the report. However, the backlog of deals reportedly adds up to more than $300 billion of potential transactions. This is more than twice the backlog at the end of 2015, which itself was an all-time high and more than the combined deal activity of 2014, 2015 and 2016, according to the report. A handful of mega deals would reportedly each break deal-size records if completed. A.T. Kearney notes that over the past 10 years up until 2016, no single deal had exceeded the $20 billion mark. As of early 2017, four deals are reportedly underway that are each valued at between $40 billion and $70 billion.

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