Stratophase And Merck Enter Into Biopharma Collaboration

By Chemical Processing Staff

Feb 20, 2017

Stratophase, a biotech services and technology company, enters into a joint collaboration agreement with Merck. The collaboration will see the application of Stratophase’s Ranger technology to Merck’s cell culture manufacturing platforms and the development of dynamic control strategies that reportedly enable complex feeding regimes to be optimized and controlled in real-time.

Enhancement of the existing Ranger system’s capabilities to enable control of cell culture processes with complex feeding requirements is aligned with the biopharmaceutical industry’s increasing need for robust, high performance processes that can be optimized and implemented within minimum timelines, according to Stratophase.

“Merck’s considerable expertise in media design and cell culture techniques, combined with Stratophase’s unique process development knowledge leveraged by Ranger, gives the ideal platform for developing, testing and implementing new control strategies,” says Simon Saxby, CEO of Stratophase.

“Biologics are becoming increasingly complex due to diversifying pipelines, leading to challenging manufacturing requirements,” says Hervé Broly, vice president, biotech process sciences at Merck. “The collaboration with Stratophase offers a route to dynamic process monitoring and control and the ability to adapt the process in real-time for specific on-demand requirements, thereby ensuring high process performance and robustness at scale.” 

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