Honeywell UniSim eLearn Provides Cloud-Based Operator Training Simulation

By Chemical Processing Staff

Mar 24, 2017

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) presents a new connected-learning solution based on its UniSim Competency Suite platform. Part of the Honeywell Connected Plant initiative, UniSim eLearn provides access to operator training simulation (OTS) hosted in the cloud.

OTS is a preferred solution for operator training in the process industries, according to Honeywell. Studies reportedly show trainees retain up to 15 times the information they can otherwise recall from a typical lecture with hands-on practice. Dynamic models of complex industrial processes, combined with real-world operator interfaces, provide OTS trainees the practice and experience to quickly develop confidence and competencies to manage both normal and abnormal situations, according to Honeywell.

For a higher level of learning experience, competency management offers instructors the opportunity to create problems for operators to respond to in a simulated environment. UniSim eLearn also reportedly improves the effectiveness of OTS training interventions by combining a range of online learning methods, providing tailored curriculums for smarter, faster training. Courses rapidly build and test foundation skills with interactive Q&As and video learning, followed by OTS exercises to practice and hone performance.

Using the cloud to connect trainees across enterprises, UniSim eLearn offers a simple multi-site training solution and improved access to OTS for those with logistical, personnel or infrastructure constraints. Centralized administration and control simplifies maintenance and support. UniSim eLearn users can also benefit from process technology expertise and experience of UOP, a Honeywell company and provider of process license technology. Realistic high-fidelity cloud-based training simulators for several of Honeywell UOP’s key refining technologies are available. Embedded with Honeywell UOP proprietary process technology, each training simulator includes a selection of preconfigured training scenarios designed to develop important troubleshooting and operational skills delivery.

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