Group Pushes Scientists To Run For Political Office

By Chemical Processing Staff

Feb 08, 2017

A new initiative aims to counter what it considers anti-science rhetoric by encouraging scientists to run for political office. Conceived by the political action group 314 (the first three digits of pi) Action, “STEM The Divide” will work to connect science, technology, engineering and math professionals to the money, training and expertise required to run a political campaign, according to an article from The Washington Post.

Thousands of researchers recently signed an open letter asking Trump to “respect scientific integrity,” according to The Post, and hundreds rallied to “stand up for science” during a large scientific conference last fall. STEM The Divide, which supports Democrats because of the party’s stance on man-made climate change, reportedly plans to have several candidates running for state and national seats by 2018. 314 Action has had some success, according to the article: the group helped elect Princeton physicist Andrew Zwicker to the New Jersey State Assembly in 2015.

Read more about the initiative here.