De Nora China Unveils Plant Expansion

By Chemical Processing Staff

Dec 01, 2017

De Nora, a global electrochemical and water technology company, unveils its new multi-million expansion and upgrade of its factory in Suzhou Industrial Park. The investment, which reportedly amounted to more than $10 million, will allow the company to meet the growing demand for its electrode and water technology products in China and throughout the Asia Pacific region, increasing production capacity by over 50% each year.

The expansion includes a new assembly area for the production of De Nora’s major electrochemical and water technology applications, such as Balpure Ballast Water Treatment, Sanilec and Seaclor Seawater Electrochlorination and ClorTec On-site Sodium Hypochlorite Generators. The assembly area is also ergonomically designed to help deliver greater efficiencies throughout the assembly process.

The workshop is equipped with a dedicated quarantine area for the manufacturing of products designed to disinfect drinking water, ensuring strict hygiene conditions throughout the entire production process. The factory’s existing coating workshop also underwent a significant upgrade, of both proprietary process equipment and supporting utilities. The structural modifications along with the introduction of air scrubbing towers and air extractors maintain a high air change ratio throughout the building to help stabilize the highly-sensitive operation of electrode-coating. The changes will double the workshop’s annual coating output, according to De Nora.

De Nora Chief Technology Officer Alberto Cominelli, who oversaw the entire project, states that the factory saw many upgrades over the last year that have greatly improved the plant’s overall environment, health and safety (EHS).

For more information, visit: www.denora.com