Stanford Ranks As Best Bachelor’s In Chemical Engineering

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 01, 2016

Stanford University leads the College Choice 2016 ranking for the Best Bachelor's in Chemical Engineering degree programs, followed closely by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Princeton University.

College Choice researched the schools listed in the ranking to ensure that only the colleges and universities with the highest standards made the cut, according to the organization. Factors that were considered include academic reputation, tuition, return on investment for students and program features. The information was taken from individual schools' websites and ranking and statistics sites such as the National Center for Education Statistics and U.S. News and World Report.

College Choice’s top ten programs are:

  1. Stanford University
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  3. Princeton University
  4. California Institute of Technology
  5. University of California – Berkeley
  6. University of Pennsylvania
  7. Rice University
  8. Vanderbilt University
  9. Johns Hopkins University
  10. 10. Northwestern University

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