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Rheology Researcher Wins Award

By Chemical Processing Staff

Apr 25, 2016

The European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE), Brussels, bestowed its Excellence Award in Mechanics of Solid Particulates to Christopher Ness of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, for four papers done in conjunction with his PhD studies on “suspension rheology and extrusion studied by discrete element simulations.” He received a certificate and €1,500 on April 20th in Nuremberg, Germany, during the International Congress on Particle Technology.

The papers cover his use of the discrete-element method of computational modeling as well as shear flow simulations and experiments to better grasp paste flow through a constriction geometry. They allow a better understanding of the flow of saturated granular solids or concentrated suspensions, says the EFCE.

The EFCE Working Party on Mechanics of Particulate Solids, which judged the entries for the award, termed his work “remarkable” and “original” and noted: “Ness uses modeling as a clever instrument to understand the physics at the microscopic level of the systems analyzed. The approach also provides significant information on the equations that could be used as constitutive equations to describe each of the heterogeneous system studied as continuum at the macroscopic scale.”

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