Mettler Toledo Offers 10-Minute Moisture Analysis Test

By Chemical Processing Staff

Dec 07, 2016

Mettler Toledo offers SmartCal, a test substance offering a fast way to verify the performance of a moisture analyzer, according to the company. Using SmartCal, performance testing reportedly takes 10 minutes and it is done in the same easy way as a regular moisture measurement.

Additionally, as an overall functionality assessment, SmartCal simultaneously tests both the heating and weighing units, according to Mettler Toledo. When results lie within expected tolerances, it lends validity to all measurements made since the previous test. These results are viewed in a series of clear, readable measurement reports for straightforward monitoring. They can either be stored directly in the instrument or manually entered into a free, validated Excel report.

Mettler Toledo also offers a certified version of SmartCal. cSmartCal is reportedly tested by the independent German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. It satisfies regulatory requirements and is ideal for highly-regulated environments that require an extra level of results assurance, according to Mettler Toledo.

Mettler Toledo’s SmartCal StarterPac contains items necessary to begin routine moisture analyzer testing including 12 sachets, all accessories, reporting templates, thermo-hygrometer and validation documentation.

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