Flowserve Achieves ISA100 Certification For Wireless Positioner

By Chemical Processing Staff

Apr 13, 2016

Flowserve achieves certification for its PMV D3 Wireless Positioner from the ISA100 Wireless Compliance Institute. The PMV D3 allows communication to and monitoring of process control/sensor equipment, wherever they are sited, but especially for remotely located valves. The PMV D3 increases operational awareness in the control room and in the plant when using ISA100 Wireless, which enables real-time control, according to the Institute. The technology also reportedly reduces the expense typical of extensive wiring and marshalling cabinets, while eliminating operational risks resulting from damaged/ageing wires and corroding connectors.

The PMV D3 uses the IEC 62734 industrial wireless standard for modulating control and monitoring of valves. The technology uses the ISA100 Wireless network protocol and includes features such as dual backbone routers, which provide redundant radio paths, and through user-configurable device behaviors. Independently powered wireless signals protect against loss of signal or power from the plant.

ISA100 Wireless certification provides assurance that the devices will interoperate in any ISA100 Wireless compliant network. ISA100 Wireless is the only industrial wireless protocol standard to incorporate IPv6 directly as part of its network layer and transport layer, according to the organization.

For more information, visit: www.isa100wci.org