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Report Examines Competitive Energy Cost Savings For U.S. Manufacturers

By Chemical Processing Staff

Mar 03, 2015

A research abstract available from J.T. Gabrielsen Consulting provides estimates of the energy cost savings advantage per sale dollar for U.S. chemical product manufacturers compared to Europe and Asia-Pacific for the four major energy types: electricity, natural gas, oil and coal. Of the 21 U.S. manufacturing sectors, the chemical product sector has the second highest total energy consumption per year in both BTUs and dollars, the sixth highest energy cost per dollar of sales and the fourth highest U.S. competitive energy cost advantage, according to the report.

The report chronicles the last 10 years of industrial price changes for oil, natural gas, electricity and coal for the U.S., Europe and Asia-Pacific, including the price spreads between the three regions over the 10 years for each of the four forms of energy. Based upon analysis performed to determine how much of each of the four forms of energy are consumed by U.S chemical product manufacturers per dollar of gross output [dollar of sales revenue], it uncovers how much of a competitive energy cost advantage per dollar of gross output they have compared to Europe and Asia-Pacific.

The abstract also looks at the 10-year history for the sector for six key indicators to determine whether the U.S. competitive energy cost advantage has resulted in favorable performance for the sector: total production output, total capacity, capacity utilization, imports, exports, [and net balance of trade] and capital investment.

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