Mettler Toledo Report Examines Halogen Moisture Analyzers

By Chemical Processing Staff

Jul 06, 2015

A new Mettler Toledo white paper, "Drying Oven vs. Halogen Moisture Analyzer – A Practical Guide to Compare Methods, explains how halogen moisture analysis can deliver moisture content results. Mettler Toledo explains how halogen moisture analysis can replace the drying oven method, providing that the results obtained by the two methods are comparable, according to the company. 

Determination of moisture content is typically performed via loss on drying using a drying oven as the reference method. Halogen moisture analysis is also based on the principle of loss on drying, but moisture determination usually takes five to 15 minutes compared with two to three hours using a drying oven, according to Mettler Toledo.

Two alternative approaches to establish the equivalency of the results are described in the white paper (with detailed examples). The first approach involves comparison of the data based on the tolerances of the specific process, wherein the accuracy and precision of the results obtained by the two methods are assessed. This can be achieved by a straightforward method comparison requiring less than 20 measurements. The second approach is based on comparison of the data by statistical analysis, such as the student t-test and linear regression analysis. If the differences are not found to be significant, the methods are considered equivalent.

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